Facebook is currently the largest media in the world. It has turned into a big marketing platform rather than just a social networking site.

There are many ways by which you can get exceptional business advantages from Facebook if you use it properly.

Facebook page is the method that is helping businesses to grow rapidly. Below are the top ten tips to get the utmost benefit of a Facebook page:

Post a Status Update:

When you create a page, let others know about it. Post a status update on your profile about your Facebook page and invite as many people as you can. Never hesitate to ask others to like your page because more the fans you have, the larger will be your reach.

People will only like your page if they find something interesting and valuable in it. Give something worthy to the people and they will turn toward your page.

Link to Your Page as a Place of Employment:

You will have hundreds of Facebook friends, and they should know the presence of your page. Link your page with your profile by listing it under employment. Once you do this, your page will appear under your profile name.

Contact admins of other similar groups:

Link with as many groups as you can, because groups are more powerful than a page. If you can link some of the groups with your page, they can help you significantly by spreading awareness of your page.

A page owner can just post a status while a group owner can send private messages to the individuals. It increases the reach of your page.

Get people to join your page via SMS:

You can do this by sending a text message to 32665 with the words “fan your username” or “like your username” (without the quotes). This is the finest promotional activity if you are in front of a live audience.

Install a Facebook “Like” Box into your site:

If you are getting good traffic on your site, you can simply divert them to your Facebook page. Never forget to install a Like button on your site. It is pretty easy to install a button and you can customize it as per your choice.

Use status tagging:

Status tagging is a pretty cool feature of Facebook which is done by writing your page name after @ sign. This creates a hyperlink on the name of your page which directs to your page.

Suggest your page to friends:

You can use the “suggest to friends” feature to invite your friends to your page. Invite as many friends as you can. Google Chrome allows you to select all your friends at once, minimizing your efforts to a significant level.

Connect your page to Twitter:

Connecting your Facebook page with Twitter allows you to convert your Twitter followers into your Facebook fans. This way, all your posts on Twitter will be displayed in form of a Facebook post, with a link directed to your page.

Use other Media:

It is always beneficial to promote your one media channel onto other media. There is a number of social networking sites where you may promote your Facebook page. Also, consider spreading awareness through emails and other means.

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No matter what strategy you have to apply, all of them are going to deliver better results for your page.

Newsletter promotion:

This technique is equally effective no matter what kind of promotion you are doing. If you like email marketing, send a message to your subscribers and inform them about your page.

Always include a link to your page in every email so that they can visit it without any hassle.