If you are designing to purchase or sell a website, you likely already heard about Flippa. It is the largest online marketplace for websites. Most people who list a website for sale there, however, end up trading it for peanuts (e.g., $100), or not selling at all.

How to Sell Website on Flippa

How come?b Most of the times the trader didn’t do his homework. If you want to maximize your chances of trading (and your profit), the 10 tips underneath will help you.

1. Make certain Your Website Is Making Money

This is the most important component. If you desire to deal a website effectively, it should be making cash. Even if your location has a gigantic traffic, listing it before monetizing that traffic would be a awful conclusion. You would be adept to sell it, but the cash you would get would be far below the genuine worth of the location.

Get money from website or blog

If your website is making $50 or less per month, overlook about trading it now. Try to advance your traffic, boost your incomes to at least $300 per month, make the revenues steady, and then register it. If the $300 are coming from Google AdSense, for example, you could sell the location for as much as $8,000. Obviously, the more you can augment your revenue before selling, the better. The $300 is just a ball park number.

Remember that you’ll need to display proof of revenue, and that most buyers will assess the incomes as the mean of the past four or six months.

2. Make Sure You Have Google Analytics Facts and Figures

Most grave purchasers will desire to see your Google Analytics facts and figures before making an authorized offer. They will use this to verify your website traffic grades, and to make sure the pattern is matching with the revenues you are asserting.

increase website traffic

afresh, persons will desire to glimpse data going back to six months at smallest. If you are planning to deal your website, thus, it would be shrewd to install Google Analytics on it at smallest six months before the sale.

3. Work On Your Believe Ranking

Each member on Flippa has a trust ranking, and most buyers will check it before placing their bids. In other phrases, the higher your believe ranking, the higher the chances of trading your website.

As a outcome you should take all the activities that will improve your trust ranking (e.g., attach your Flippa account with Facebook and LinkedIn, verify your phone number and so on).

4. Set The Auction Extent for 7 Days

In my attitude seven days is the optimal extent for an auction on Flippa. With that extent of time you are certain that most buyers will glimpse your auction (e.g., those who log during the week and those who log throughout weekends), yet you’ll conceive a sense of urgency on those who are involved.

Website Auction

Many people set the auction extent for 30 days, and their auctions become dead as a outcome. numerous interested purchasers will refrain from tendering because there is abounding of time to proceed, other ones yet will glimpse the auction once and then completely overlook about it, for the identical cause.

5. Set a Reduced Reserve / High Smallest Attempt

If you set a low book cost your auction will brandish the following note: “Bidding open and reserve has been met!” brilliant green hue. This is a large-scale support for promise purchasers, and it stimulates them to attempt.

And don’t concern about the location selling for less than what you believe it is worth. You can always set a high smallest attempt. Apart from protecting you from reduced bids this scheme will furthermore filter the non-serious purchasers out.

6. Set a Sensible Receptacle Cost

The “Buy It Now” cost is there for a cause. It should permit a buyer who is very involved in your website to avoid a bidding conflict and to purchase the website giving what you think it is worth.

The problem is that most sellers have an unrealistic idea about the value of their websites, and therefore they set absurd receptacle charges. This is a put off for promise buyers, because it pointers you have no concept about what you are doing.

Ask some associates what they think your website is worth, and then set a reasonable receptacle cost for it.

7. Don’t Hype Your Recount

The more hype you put in your description, the more persons will believe you are despairing to deal and that your website is not a solid one. Examples of comments you should bypass encompass: “Huge potential!”, “A lifetime opportunity!”, “My decrease is your gain!”.

Secondly, don’t hypothesize what the website could be earning. Some persons register websites that are making $10 per month actually, and they proceed on saying: “This website has the potential to make $4,000 per month easily!”. If you knew this for certain you wouldn’t be trading the location for such a low price.

8. Response to Every Comment

Even if you write a crystal clear recount persons will still have questions, and they’ll inquire them through the commentary section. It is significant to response to every single commentary, as this will not only boost these commenters to location a bid, but it will furthermore advance the overall integrity of your auction.

Response to Every Comment

Second, do not delete a commentary except you have a very good reason to do so. Deleted remarks are red flags on Flippa, because usually they arrive from sellers endeavouring to conceal certain thing on their websites.

9. Have a Reasonable Reason for Trading

One of the first things persons will inquire you is why you are trading. If there is no plausible reason, they’ll rightly suppose that the website is going down hill, and that you desire to get relieve of it before it becomes useless.

In detail it would be a good idea to encompass the cause for trading the recount of the auction itself.

10. Ask for Trained Buyers

If you desire to get more tenders on your auction, you can invite trained buyers directly. First of all browse through the marketplace looking for websites that are alike to yours (either open or won auctions).

Once you find one, browse through the remarks, and try to find users with a high believe ranking that were asking inquiries about the auction. These are qualified purchasers, and you can drive them a message inviting them to outlook your own auction.
Bonus tilt: hold Your Auction On The Homepage

When creating your records, the most significant upgrade you can get is the “Listing boasted on the Front Page” one. It costs $29, but it will give your auction a lot of visibility, because most buyers browse the Flippa front sheet first.

You can buy this upgrade a second time, too, one time your auction fell to the second page. This would be a good idea if after the first two or three days you have still not received some trained bids.