ads are the best alternative to Google Adsense ads. You know that Adsense pays much more than all ad networks. Then how can pay more? It’s all about RPM.

Adsense pay per clicks and impressions. pays per impressions and CPC. These two ad networks are the best but have much more differences in this networks.

Adsense calculate the clicks and impressions even from a single user. But, in, they calculate only users. It means, if you see 3 impressions on the single page, then they calculate 3 impressions. They don’t calculate others pages you open.

Similarly, there are lot’s of differences but this post is not about review. It’s about to increase revenue or RPM.

So, let’s see how you can increase the media ads RPM even on low traffic too. You can make $10 a day with just 50 daily traffic on this ad network. Yes, it’s possible! let’s see how it works.

Increase Media.Net Ads Revenue & Make Money

Media.Net Earning

Do you have low traffic on the website? Don’t worry, is this ad network you can make more money even with low traffic.

This ad network works with the impressions. If you generate daily 100 impressions, you can make more than $2 per day.

But there are some limitations you have to follow. Then your ad RPM will increase and you can make money fast.

What is RPM and How it Works?

RPM in advertising is called the ‘Revenue Per Thousand Impressions‘. Your ad revenue is calculated by RPM.

For example,

If you have $20 of RPM with the minimum of 100 impressions, your total revenue will be $2 that day.

“Your ad revenue totally depends on RPM and Impressions. It’s calculated by impressions divided by 1000 multiply total impressions.”

In my case, I had $21 RPM and got 88 impressions. Then my earning was $1.85 that day. It was higher than Adsense.

After that, I learn how to make money from by RPM. I focus on RPM and makes more money. So, focus on RPM and generate revenue.

How to Increase ads RPM (Revenue)?

As per the, they have their articles on increasing ad revenue. I have applied that and the results are awesome. My earning increases and works best than Adsense.

Let’s do it! Follow the below methods and earn more

 1. Get Traffic From Their Own Country

You know that has most of the advertisers from US and UK. So, it’s a logic that if you have their traffic, they can easily interact with ads.

If you show US advertisers ad to US-based users, then your revenue will automatically increase. So, get most of the traffic from US, UK, and Canada.

If you have traffic from these countries, your RPM will be high. Indirectly, your revenue will increase.

2. Maximise Ad Impressions

Once you approved in the program, they send you their own designs for three ad units. Just use that codes on every page of your website.

You can use more than three ads per page, but they should be engaging. Use more ads to increase ad impressions per users.

I recommend here to use only three ads per post or pages. It’s best for increasing RPM.

3. Use the Best Ad Sizes

In most of the cases, their own design ads size works best. Use their default ads for the first month, then you can change it.

Ad Sizes
Ad Sizes

Ad size like 300×250, 600×250, 160×600, and 728×90 works best to increase engagments.

Use 728×90 ad unit before the content end or above the content.


Use 300×250 ad units in the content and in the sidebar but above all. Also, use 160×600 ad unit in the sidebar with the sticky floating widget.

If you need help, you can contact your account manager. They help you to increase your ad RPM.

4. Pick High Yield Ad Spots ad type ad type
The RPM will increase if you have select best ad spots to show ads. best ad spots mean where your users will engage more with the ads.The main ad spots are before the content, below the header, sidebar, and below the content.

These are the best places where your users will engage more with ads. You can use it for Adsense too.

Also, it depends on the page content and page structures. It will be different on all pages but it should be more engaging and easy to see by the users.

5. Unlock All Ad Partners

They work with several different demand partners to provide you access to all different advertising formats. This drives multiple relevant advertisers to participate in the real-time auction resulting in higher revenue yield for you.

There are several qualitative factors that determine this unlocking of demand on your site. You can get in touch with your Account Manager to explore this option.

Conclusion is the best option from those who don’t have Google Adsense account. In few cases, works best than Adsense.

If you have traffic from USA, UK, Canada then your revenue will be high. It does not work best than Adsense in India.

Increase your ad impressions, spot best ad places, and write for high CPC keywords. Your earning depends on your keyword and country in medianet.

If you are getting more than $20 RPM, then you are doing well. Otherwise, follow these tips and increase your RPM.

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