Are you getting low AdSense CPC rates? Want to make more money with the same traffic with AdSense? Don’t worry, here I have top ways to increase AdSense CPC rates 3x times more with simple methods.

You know that AdSense finds the keywords in your website to show the ads. So it’s a basic common sense to have high paying keywords to get high CPC. But instead of that which are the methods to get high paying AdSense ads?

There are some simple hacks Google actually provided us but you don’t know about that. Few methods you might know and few are newest here. Actually, many bloggers have written on this topic. But they are telling you to find keywords using Keywordspy. But I wanna tell you, this method is not working correctly.

Because advertisers paying Google then why you going to the third-party website to know CPC rate? Instead, you have a free tool to find CPC of ads that known as Google keyword planner.

So, you can use keyword planner instead of keywordspy. So, this is the common way by all the bloggers and YouTubers. You can find high CPC keywords for Adsense here. Now, the time is to increase Adsense CPC rates. So, how can you do that? Simple, follow my steps and get 3x more AdSense income with the same traffic.

How to Increase AdSense CPC Rates

First I would tell you the Google AdSense has many advertisers from different countries. They pay as per the country or traffic as well as the keywords they choose for showing ads.

So, if you getting traffic from asia country, then you have to work with high CPC keywords or you have to rank your blog outside of asia country.

1. Get High-Quality Traffic

High-quality traffic means the country traffic which pays more per click. Just like US and UK are the best quality traffic countries for bloggers.

Google Analytics dashboard
Google Analytics dashboard

If you have traffic from these countries, you will get adsense high CPC rates. In India, you will get $0.02 CPC then on same ad’s you will get $2 CPC in US and UK.

This is the major differences behind why bloggers rank their blog outside of India. If you from India, you have to rank your blog in that countries where Rupees are lower than their currency.

If you have traffic from other countries, it means you have more chances to get clicks from that countries. Indirectly, your AdSense earnings and CPC will increase.

2. Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important part to get high CPC AdSense ads. I recommend using SEMRush to find highest AdSense CPC keywords.

In the SEMRush, you can find keywords with CPC, tracking, position and lots of features live. And it shows the live data with accurate details.

semrush research keyword tool
Semrush dashboard

Type your keyword and find the high CPC AdSense keywords and write on that topic. I recommend choosing long-tail keywords. Because it has more chances to rank first in Google.

If you getting traffic from Google, then your AdSense earning will automatically increase.

3. Review Your AdSense Advertisers

This is the feature by Google AdSense to review your advertisers. You can see which ads are running on your blog. You have to review ads and choose which should run and which should not.

Go to your AdSense account and left-side in the dashboard you can see Allow and block ads. Click on that and you will move to the Ad review center. It will look like below image

adsense ads review
Ad Review Center

You can find all the advertisers in the Ad review center of AdSense. Copy the link of every advertiser and place it in SEMRush. Find their CPC and choose what to do.

If they pay lower than $2, you can block them. So, this methods works best. Don’t use other keyword research tools to find CPC. Because they are not so accurate. SEMRush helps to increase your Adsense CPC rates accurately with live data. Otherwise, you can use the Google keyword planner.

4. Best Ads Placements

Best ad places will increase the visibility of Ads as well as the RPM of ads too. If your ads have 70%+ visibility rates, your ads RPM will increase and you can earn from impressions in AdSense.

ads placement
Ads Placement

Very few people know that AdSense also pays per impressions with Clicks too. If you have more than $2-3 page RPM, you will get paid by AdSense per impressions.

Top AdSense Ads Places are –

  • Above the fold (above the header or title)
  • Below 2nd paragraph of the post (Must)
  • Top of the sidebar
  • Bottom of the sidebar with sticky widget
  • Below the content
  • After the entry (After the author box)

You can use numbers of ads in the content but depends on the content length. If you write 1000 words article, then you can use 4 ads in the content.

5. Use Highly Converting Ads to Increase AdSense CPC

To increase the AdSense CPC rates, you have to work with the Google AdSense optimized ads. Google AdSense already providing you the best user experience.

You have to follow it and AdSense will automatically pay you more. I’m talking about AdSense Native ads, Responsive ads, and match content ads.

I don’t recommend to use links ads in the blog. It doesn’t pay enough. Link ads are work with only micro niche sites will.

To increase AdSense CPC, you have to optimize your ads with mobile devices too. If you use responsive ads, your ads will best fit in the mobile devices as well as desktop.

If you have fixed size AdSense ads, the ads will not be fit in the mobile devices and look ugly. So, use responsive ads, native ads like in-article ads in the content, and in-feed ads in the feed.

When you create an in-feed ad, AdSense will crawl your page and provide you best ads for best user experience.

6. Use Ad Units as per Your Content Lenght

This is the most important part avoid the penalties by Google AdSense. By default, Google AdSense policy for ad showing is only 3 banner ads, 3 link ads, and 2 search bars only.

If you use more ads, Google AdSense can penalize you. So, if you want to increase AdSense ads impressions, you can use an ad unit within the 250 words.

If you write 1000 words article, use the 4 ad units inside the content. Otherwise, you can use auto ads by Google AdSense. It will put their ads automatically where they want to put.

You can manage your ads by Advanced ads plugin by WordPress to show ads in a single click. This is the best ad manager for WordPress users.

Create an ad unit and make an ad placement for that. You can place your ads by paragraph to paragraph. You don’t need to manually place each ad in each article.

It will save your time on managing ad placements to increase AdSense CPC and RPM.

7. Increase AdSense Ads RPM

RPM is known as the revenue per thousand impressions. If you have 500 impressions today with $5 ad revenue. Your earning will be $10.

It’s calculated by RPM formula. Its RPM = (total ad revenue / total impressions ) x 1000.

RPM = Total ad revenue divided by total impressions multiply by 1000.

You can increase your AdSense earnings by increasing the RPM. Your AdSense RPM will increase if you increase your ads visibility.

As well as, you have to choose the right placements for the ads. Use ads inside the content, above the fold, after 2nd paragraph, sidebar, and below the content.

it will increase your AdSense ads visibility and RPM. It helps to increase AdSense revenue fast.

8. Use AdSense Custom Channels to Increase Adsense CPC

It will help you to measure low performing ad placements or ad units. You can create a custom ad channel from Adsense Dashboard.

Use the custom ad channel with specific ad unit and check their performance 1-2 week. After 2 weeks, check the performance of each ad and choose the best ad unit.

If you found any low paying or performing ads, delete it and use other high performing ad channel. It can help to increase your AdSense CPC rates fast.

9. Use DFP (Google Ad Manager)

Google double click for publishers is a free ad manager tool by Google. You can manage your ads from DFP.

If you need to make some money while using AdSense, you can sign up for DFP.

  • Create your own ad space which you want to sell.
  • Sell the ad space to advertisers.
  • Create and manage your own campaigns.
  • Deliver ads and get paid.

The way this works with AdSense is that you create an ad space on your DFP account and set it up for selling. It will take some time to attract advertisers, and of course, you don’t want the ad space to remain vacant because then you won’t earn anything.

So you can link your AdSense account with your DFP account, and as a result, the spaces which are not yet used will be showing AdSense ads until someone buys those spaces.

This is helpful to earn more from AdSense. Advertisers will show their ads on your ad units as per your ad rates. Choose high RPM to get high paying ads.

So if an advertiser is paying less for AdSense, but another advertiser is paying more on DFP, then the latter will be given preference and you will earn more.


To increase Google AdSense CPC rates, you can follow all the above steps to increase your AdSense earnings. I recommend use DFP, best keyword research, Allow and block ad review center and best ad placements.

It will definitely increase your AdSense income with CPC. I also use these methods so I can share it here. These are all the used techniques to increase AdSense CPC rates.

I also have increased my AdSense revenue using these techniques. You can also use it and the result will be in your hand.

If you like my article on “how to increase AdSense CPC rate“, appreciate it using my comment box below. If you have other methods which I might miss here, you can share it with us.

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