In recent times, blogging has become a common activity among a good number of individuals at large.

Moreover, the universal goal of all the avid bloggers out there has been posting content that enjoys a good number of reader visits and so also to get the taste of some satisfactory feedback on the blog post that is published by them.

However, all said and done one problem that is often encountered by these bloggers is nothing, but the concern about their blog posts is available on search engines like Google only after a week of same being published on their respective blogs.

The good news here is that even though this looks like a major problem there are various solutions available out there in order to counter this particular dilemma.

Moreover, you can now make sure that your published post is available on well-known search engines like Google in less than thirty seconds of the content being published on your individual blog.

Let us now glance through certain quick tips that can act as an angel in disguise and take you through this particular obstacle.

Quick Tips to get your blog post indexed in just 30 seconds:

Add A Glimpse Of Social Media:

In recent times, social networking sites have become very in thing. Out of the many social networking sites out there, Facebook and Twitter happen to come across as the most popular sites of the lot.

As you all must be well aware, most individuals happen to have their accounts on these social networking websites.

Moreover, all these people tend to be largely active on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. This has helped give a push to the user base that is operative on these social networking websites.

Hence, in order to make your blog post reach out to a good deal of people at large, you can simply get your blog automated, which would ensure that each and every blog post of yours is automatically posted to the social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Apart from this, you can also try to make use of other complementary social networking websites.

Take A Taste Of Google Plus:

You must all be well acquainted with the Google Plus tool. For some of you who are unaware of what exactly Google+ is, let me tell you that it is one such social networking website that has come out from the basket of Google.

On an overall level, the Google Plus tool is known to contribute largely towards indexing your blog post.

Moreover, the personalization feature, which came to be introduced just recently as a part of Google Plus has come to benefit bloggers in a big way.

Hence, for all you bloggers out there who desire to make the process of blog post indexing a cakewalk, it is advisable for you to share your blog post on Google Plus as soon as you publish the same on your blog.

Say Digg:

Yet another social news website that can assist you in simplifying the blog post indexing process is none other than Digg.

The Digg website has come to become largely popular of late and that is exactly why it is slowly and steadily being brought into the picture by Google and so also some other eminent search engines at large.

If you are a blogger who is looking forward to indexing your blog post, then in that case you are likely to become a huge fan of Digg.

So next to them when you get your blog post published, make sure that you instantly get the same dug as well.

Get Yourself A Google Ping List:

Apart from the above-mentioned alternatives, yet another approach that can help you in getting your blog post indexed in less than thirty seconds time is none other than the Google Ping List.

On the internet, you are likely to come across a good deal of ping services, but it is important for you to settle down for better than the best options.

Moreover, maintaining a Google Ping List will help your blog posts to appear in the Search Engines as soon as you have published your blog post.

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If you are a blogger who is making use of the WordPress Platform, then in that case this particular activity is carried out by WordPress on your behalf by simply notifying the Update Services.

If you haven’t yet maintained a Google Ping List, then now is the time to go ahead with the same.

By pinging Google Blog Search you can quickly add your latest Blog Content to Google’s index. Learn Manual and Automatic ways of pinging your WordPress Blog to Google.

Manually Pinging Google Blog Search Engine –

This is an easy strategy to inform Google each time your Blog is updated. Visit the following Web page and submit your Blog URL or RSS Feed link.

Google Spiders (Bots or Crawlers) will identify your Blog and index the most recent content material. Nevertheless, this is a time-eating method.

For those who have a WordPress Blog then stick to the Automatic Method.

Automatically Ping Google Blog Search Engine

WordPress Ping

For those who have a WordPress Blog, you can include the following URL within your Settings -> Writing ->Update Services.

WordPress Ping List

Now let’s check the list.


The default service here would be “”. Add another line to the following URL and save your Settings. From now whenever you update your Blog, Google Blog Search would be ping automatically.

Explore The Webmaster Tools:

Last, but not least you can even consider submitting your sitemap or even feed for that matter to the webmaster tools in order to ensure swift blog post indexing.

The best part about submitting your sitemap is that it is absolutely free of cost. Apart from this, another benefit associated with submitting your sitemap is nothing, but the fact that the process gets completed in no time.

Hence, if you were to take into consideration these factors, then you will come to realize the importance of submitting a sitemap to the search engines with the help of webmaster tools.