Freelancing is the best platform to make money from home jobs. The beginner freelancers can get jobs easily because they don’t have their portfolio to show.

You are trying to get freelancing projects but not getting jobs yet? Don’t worry, I have also faced this problem when I was a freelancer.

Before blogging, I was doing freelancing as a web & graphic designer. I that time I earn almost $500 in 6 months. So, I want to share that experience and how I get freelancing jobs as a beginner.

Today, when I research, I found so many ways to get clients. In my days, I had only a few options to get clients. But today, there are so many ways to get clients and make money from starting your career.

So, I am going to share the best ways to get freelancing projects and make money from home.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is the way to work from home online. Who have knowledge/talent in any field (like web design or graphic design, writing, or editing) and work for it, they are known as freelancers.

And the freelancers work online for their client and make money, it known as freelancing. In the freelancing, you don’t have to work under the boss. You are your own boss there and work for yourself.

How Much You Can Earn from Freelancing?

Freelance earning totally depends on your working hours and cost you charge. As per my experience, I was doing web designing and graphic designing jobs.

That time my earning was more than $450 per month. Because my projects were more than $100, I could make more money.

for example, if you can work on minimum 5 projects per month which cost is around $50 respectively, your earning will be $250 per month.

It’s just for example. If you have the best clients, your earning will be more. Simply, I can say that your earning will be more as per your hard work. If you work more, your earning will be more.

How to Get Freelancing Projects & Clients:

There are lots of ways to get freelance jobs. You can get your clients online from Twitter, LinkedIn, and freelancing sites. I will show you the step-by-step process to get clients online.

I was getting freelance jobs from freelance sites. This is the best way to get clients and payment. So, let’s get started

1. Get Freelance Projects from Freelance sites

There are many freelance sites available online to do freelance jobs. I have work with top 5 freelance sites which are given below

  1. Upwork (recommended)
  2. Fiverr (recommended)
  3. Peopleperhour
  4. Freelancer
  5. Toptal

These are the best 5 freelance sites today. You just have to create an account on any website or you can try all.

Create an account and complete your profile and apply for jobs. But before that, you have to write the best proposal to get the job.

If your proposal like by the client, you will get that job. They will contact you after reading your proposal. This is the simple and best way to get freelance jobs.

How to Write the Best Proposal to Get a job in Freelancing?

The proposal is the key to get jobs in freelance sites. If you don’t have the best proposal, you won’t get selected.

Write “Dear Hiring Manager” or “Dear Sir” or Dear {Client name here}” in the beginning

Start your proposal with these welcome words. So the client will be interested to read your proposal. Next, you have to write an intro about you and your qualifications with the client requirements.

Like below, I have written a proposal for web and graphic designer. You have to write like this and change web and graphic designer to your profession.

I have read and understood your job requirements & able to work on your project.

I am a professional web &  graphic designer having 4 years of experience in this field and worked with the top clients in my career.

This should be the top paragraph for your proposal. Now, write for the introduction about you and your qualities.

I am expert in the “YOUR QUALITIES HERE”. Also, I have recently completed “ANY PROJECT NAME HERE” with the best feedback from the client with 100% satisfaction.

I am able to complete your work within “PROVIDE HOURS OR DAYS YOU NEED TO COMPLETE THE PROJET”. I am new here, so I will charge very low than others with quality work and 100% satisfaction.

You can check my portfolio here {PROVIDE YOUR PORTFOLIO LINK}. I have done these jobs before and my clients are happy with my work.

Finally, in the last, you have to write some sentences to get attached to that client.

I will cost {Your amount here} and provide complete project at {your project completion date here}.

If you would like to hire me, feel free to contact me anytime. I am hopefully waiting for your reply. And thank you for reading my proposal and considering me for your project.

Best Regards,

{Your Name}

This is the sample proposal that makes me more than $450. You can try this proposal and also you can include your own words.

Get Clients Online Using Twitter

Twitter is the largest social media site like Facebook. Businessman, celebrities, recruiters, and other top people use Twitter daily.

The best option in Twitter is their tag systems. If you search something using a tag, you will get lots of results about that. It works like Google if you use it perfectly.

I am going to share how to get clients from twitter daily. Just follow me and get your clients.

In the Twitter search box, write this – “Your tag”. Now learn it carefully. I would get an example here to understand it.

finding job with twitter

For example, I am a web designer and I want web design related jobs on Twitter. So, I will use a search box like this – “web designer needed” or “web design job” or “need website design”.

These are the search terms for web designing job. Similarly, you can use other search terms as per your jobs.

If you want graphic design jobs, search “need graphic designer”. This is the basics use of Twitter search box.

Now, the most important part is approaching the client. After getting the results, message everyone one by one to work for him.

Message them and ask to get the job. Tell them how you can do his job and why they hire you. Ping minimum 10 people a day. Otherwise, Twitter can ban you for spamming.

Get clients from Social Media Sites

Same thing you can do with the LinkedIn. Go to the LinkedIn and find the clients. LinkedIn is the best option for getting clients.

Similarly, you can do this on every social media sites. And I guarantee that you will get your projects daily.

You can do this on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites.



Freelancing is the best option to make money from home. I did freelance jobs before blogging and my experience was outstanding.

In the conclusion, I would say that use freelance sites to work because they are best to get payments from the clients. if you doing freelancing from social media sites, then you have only PayPal to get payments.

And the clients never pay before completing the job. So it’s a risk there on social media sites.

Also, I want to say that build your portfolio and get 5-star reviews to get more clients. If you have nice feedback, your career goes up.

Tip: Once you get the job, before delivering the work you can tell your clients to give positive feedback. If they don’t, then tell them that I will give you a discount for the positive feedback.

If you charge low, the client will definitely make a good review of your work. And it helps to get the next project.

So, if you like this post about getting freelancing projects online, don’t forget to share with your friends and on social media sites.

Also, comments below and tell me what you think about freelance projects and how much you have earned from it. It helps to motivate others to work online as a freelancer and make money.

If you have other ways to get clients, you can share here. I appreciate your research and include in this post with your blog link.