How to Better Your Business with Mobile and Test Message Advertising

No matter what you’re looking to market online you’ll fail if you don’t market it the right way, no prospects will ever see or hear about your services or products. In today’s saturated market many people are trying to find different approaches to advertising sites.

You might be surprised, but as a result of the onslaught of advertising and marketing that takes place daily, our brains have actually become programmed to filter out these kinds of messages.

On the other hand, there is one style of marketing that has not seen much competition, which would be Mobile marketing along with the awesome power of texting!

One reason why businesses are having positive results with mobile advertising is that it features a tiny part of the competition than other media-Internet have.

To provide an example, an email message usually has around a 10% success rate of realistically being read. Mainly because we’ve become used to the email advertising game, we no longer open every email we receive. We discover how to delete messages which are unknown to us.

Text messages, however, feature over a 90% rate of success of not only being read, but being read in the first thirty minutes of being received! Fascinating, that more people aren’t making the most of this new form of marketing.

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While getting your marketing message out is critical, having your message actually read is paramount to your business or website’s success. Consider when’s the last time you received a text message and didn’t read it?

How to Better Your Business with Mobile and Test Message Advertising

Mobile marketing is really the only marketing media that reaches consumers and individuals while they are on the run! Mobile marketing and text messages allow you to automatically update, announce, invite and convey what you want instantly to your downline.

Very few businesses are actually using mobile marketing today. This basically means you can get a head start by incorporating mobile marketing into your business today. Those of you that wait too long might see that eventually this new market to be just as competitive as PPC.

In case you are questioning the kind of potential you could have with text message and mobile marketing then think about the 270 million mobile subscribers within the U.S. alone.

Know that 91% of them are said to keep their mobile phones within only a couple feet of themselves 24 hours a day. It’s a lot better than expecting people to sit at their home computer systems all day long.

How would text message marketing work? Instead of asking for one’s email address you simply ask for their cell number instead and every time a prospect or customer opts into one of your text messages offers whatever it may be that creates a lead.

You now have the means to market to that individual as much as you’d like 24/7. It’s not necessary to wait for that person to go online and check their email. Be certain not to drive your leads crazy and always offer something of value.

Mobile Marketing is a great way to better your internet business and those who get in early will profit the most. If you thinking about getting into mobile marketing then you might need help. Be sure to look up Mobile Monopoly by Adam Horwitz, or read this Mobile Monopoly Review.