Blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea. Creating a blog and making it successful asks for a complete dedication, hearty efforts and above all you need patience.

It is not that easy to make the blog thriving and lucrative.

When I started blogging I knew that it is not going to be an easy task and was fully prepared to face the taste of hard work.

After doing a thorough research and having prolonged experience of blogging, I can say that there are many different ways to get more and more traffic to the blog.

One piece of writing might not be enough to discuss them all so we will discuss them one by one. Herewith in this article I will let you know my personal experience about how I got 500 pageviews everyday by blog commenting and its effect on my blog traffic.

Building up a good and steady traffic on a blog is actually a slow process because it takes time and patience to build up a good readership for a blog.

Blog Commenting
Blog Commenting

Out of the many different ways of bringing quality traffic to your blog, I keep blog commenting in the list of first five. What I feel is that having good relation with same niche bloggers is the best way to get your blog noticed.

Blog commenting is the best way to get in touch with the same niche bloggers around.

So, do you agree that blog commenting brings more traffic to your blog? If yes, let me tell you that this is not all, one need to consider a few tips while leaving a comment on a same niche blog.

Keep on reading to know about those tips –

Be First –

Do you know how can you be the first to comment on a blog post?

To be the first one to comment you need to subscribe the RSS feed or email subscription of your niche blogs. By doing so, you will get a notification whenever the blog update the post and you can readily leave your comment there. The best benefit of being first commenter you and your blog URL will get maximum exposure.

You can install Feedly for Google Chrome or Feed Sidebar for Firefox.

Be Your Own Voice –

Don’t just comment for the sake of commenting, read the post and make a relevant comment. Do not make a mistake of writing just great post or thanks for sharing. This may bring your comment straightway to the spam box.

Do make a detailed comment and make sure it is about the post you are reading.

Be Regular –

The blog owner will be able to make a bond with you only if you are a regular reader in the blog and comment regularly.

It is important to leave your comments frequently to build a rapport with the blog owner. This may further come as the link exchange as well which will anyhow be beneficial for your blog.

Don’t Hide Your Identity –

Gravatar is the best thing to introduce yourself and using it in posting the blog comments will help the blog owner as well as other readers to know you. It plays a great role in building the relationship with the same niche bloggers. It also helps the bloggers to recognize you as a regular reader and commenter.

Using a fake image or no image may lead your comment to the spam box.

Reply To The Other Comments –

You need to comment not only the blog post but also on the various comments left by other readers. This helps greatly in making good relation with the whole community of your niche blogs. It would be better if you are able to solve any query left by any other reader in the comments box.

In a nutshell you have to create a good conversation.

Don’t Comment Just To Leave Your Link –

Bloggers hate spammers.

Leaving your link every time you comment will make you a spammer straightaway. Spammers usually leave their blog links with a small sentence like great postgood work etc.

Spammers are getting more sophisticated. They know that the old ‘great post thanks’ comments aren’t working any more so they’ve taken to preparing their comments and copying / pasting them in to your forms.

They’re also using search engines to find blogs with comment forms by using ‘leave a comment’ in the search field of Google, Bing and Baidu…

Your comment must show that you have actually read the post. Excessively commenting is also spamming. I have seen this thing in my blog spammers leave comment with their link in almost every post of the blog. Trust me this irritates me a lot and I click the Spam’ button immediately for such comments.

Debate Helps But Disparage Harms –

Never make a mistake to make fun of a post in any blog. You might come across some controversial posts in blogs. Even if you do not agree to the blogger’s point of view, write it in a decent way. Leave a tactful comment so as to create a healthy conversation with the blogger and the other readers.

Being rude or offensive may spoil your image in the blogger’s community.

Blog commenting is easier said than done.

The newbie bloggers feel that leaving their links with a 2-3 words comment in every post is blog commenting and I pity on them that they expect good traffic from such comments.