Hard for some newbies to write qualitive content and drive much traffic from search engines. Well, its not that you cant do so. You can, if you write unique SEO content because as you know ‘Content is King’.

But besides that you can get much bulk traffic from social networks too. As you know nowdays there’s a much trending on social media. As you know now a days millions of people are live on social media networks and it has the capacity to provide much similar traffic as much organic traffic google drives.

Social Media websites can drive furiously great traffic to your blog if you have a good social media marketing strategy. But it can drive fair amount of traffic if you just submit blog posts regularly to your social media profiles. We cant sit and rely for google alone .

Now i am going to share some basic and more easiest way to generate much traffic to your blog . I am going to list up 5 top social networking platforms which will drive much ignoring traffic to your content/blog.

1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the worlds toppest network with more than billions of users online and sign ups Daily .Facebook has not only transformed the way people the world over connect, communicate and share ideas, pictures, videos and news, it’s made it possible for businesses to get their products across to a mass audience in a sensational manner.

Influence your Facebook friends and share your blog posts regularly with your Facebook friends and also in groups with much members or else you can share it on your fanpage too.

2. Twitter

Twitter is also a Huge Social Media Network . If you have Fan following you can get much traffic by sharing your content If your content is viral in nature then it can bring instant massive traffic to our blog/website in no time.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is web’s favorite professional networking website with over 100 million active users. LinkedIn’s traffic quality is better than that of Facebook and Twitter as it is mostly used by professionals who are looking for job or business opportunities.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is the biggest thing that happened to social media after Twitter. If your blog posts have quality images then you shouldn’t ignore Pinterest. Just pin those images to Pinterest under the right category and it can send quality traffic to you Article/Blog.

I hope This article will help you drive much traffic from Social Platform.And also let me know if i missed up your one of the favourite network which provides qualitive traffic.